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ESchoolBooks.in offers enriching education with free flip book reading, 10,000+ old question papers, AI predictions, and affordable one-to-one counseling for students across India. Conquer studying challenges with us.

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What we are special in!


Personalized Guidance

Whether you are pursuing a career change, entrepreneurship, or personal development, a mentor offers substantial advice and support to navigate your unique path.

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Free Flip Book Reading

Immerse yourself in a joyous reading experience with our free flip book style reading, tailored for students across India.

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Inspiration & Motivation

A mentor isn't just an advisor; they are a source of inspiration and motivation. They can help you to set and achieve ambitious goals and gain your self-confident.

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AI-Driven Predictions

Unlock a treasure trove of 10,000+ old question papers (Class 7 to 12) with AI-driven predictions for effective exam preparation.

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One-to-One Counseling

Access affordable one-to-one counseling to conquer studying challenges, anxiety, and more, ensuring holistic academic support.

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Educational Confidence & Growth

ESchoolBooks guides academic confidence and personal growth, empowering you to conquer challenges with enthusiasm.

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Dreaming of an exam crystal ball?

Say hello to our AI buddy, your personal question fortune-teller! 🤖✨ With an impressive 76% accuracy, it anticipates the questions that might appear in your finals—no more guesswork, just great grades! Ready to make studying a breeze? Dive into the world of AI predictions, where your future questions await. Success is just a click away, so don't miss out—unleash the power of AI and rock those exams! 🚀🌟


Frequently Asked Questions

ESchoolBooks.in stands out by revolutionizing education through innovative approaches. We prioritize interactive learning, eco-friendly practices, and technology-driven solutions to provide a distinctive educational experience.
ESchoolBooks.in is committed to eco-friendliness in digital tablet design. Our approach includes sustainable materials, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, minimal packaging waste, repairability, responsible manufacturing, and life cycle assessments, ensuring a positive impact on the environment.
ESchoolBooks.in aims to revolutionize education by providing accessible and comprehensive learning resources. Our goal is to foster a love for learning, empower academic success, and bridge educational gaps, making quality educational content universally accessible to all students.
ESchoolBooks.in adopts an approach that offers personalized and interactive learning experiences, fostering collaboration and community among students. We stay at the forefront of educational technology advancements to ensure a modern and engaging learning environment.
ESchoolBooks.in stands out by prioritizing personalized and interactive learning experiences, leveraging technology advancements. Our mission is to shape a brighter future by making quality educational content accessible to all students, fostering a love for learning and empowering academic success.
Yes, ESchoolBooks.in is completely free. We believe knowledge must be provided for free, never adding a value to education, to ensure access to quality learning resources for every student.
ESchoolBooks.in offers free flip book style reading, AI-driven question predictions based on extensive question paper data, affordable one-to-one counseling, and hosts annual student conferences, fostering an enriching educational experience for students across India.
The AI model predicts questions based on extensive data from previous years. While accuracy is a priority, like all AI, there might be variations. Questions are based on patterns from past papers, and user discretion is advised.
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