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Why Upload Your Question Paper?

Uploading your question paper helps us in the ongoing improvement and training of our AI model.

Your contributions play a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of our prediction system.

Currently disabled due to a maintanance in the A.I Model training data Sheets.

Get the Lowdown on Our A.I 🤖

Project ESB Ai has been in the oven since September 2023. Initially, eschoolbook set out to whip up a pdf-to-text-based AI, but when Open AI dropped Chat GPT and its nifty API feature, we thought, "Why be just another A.I. in the crowd?" So, we took a detour and decided to cook up an A.I. that predicts questions. 🍲

Eschoolbooks is like that quirky kid in the classroom - always trying to bring something new and innovative to the table, and guess what? It's all for free! Our question paper prediction software uses a treasure trove of data from previous year question papers and textbook content to predict the questions you might face in your next exam. 💡

Now, before you accuse us of turning students into couch potatoes, hear us out. We're all about education, and we only spill the beans two months before the big exam day. The idea is for students to use our software as a last-minute check to make sure they've covered all the bases.

Fun fact: Our AI's accuracy is almost 50% - not bad, huh? 🚀

But hey, for those who've never cracked open a textbook, our A.I. won't work miracles.

Study hard, earn those marks -
because trust us, no one's handing out grades for Netflix marathons. 📚

* Data only visible in large screen size

The data depicted above showcases our AI's Functionality, Performance, Usability, Reliability, Security, and Maintenance. You can interact with the Line Chart and understand the values. Just a heads up, for the best experience, use a large screen (Laptop, Computer, or a Tablet). 🖥️✨

Hey there, future scholars! Remember, studying is like leveling up in a game - it might seem challenging, but each problem you solve is an XP gained towards success! 🎮💡
Keep rocking those studies, and don't forget: You're not just preparing for exams; you're preparing for the awesome journey of life! 🚀📚

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